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Date: 24 April 2019 - 26 April 2019

Location name: Manchester, UK

Location address: Renaissance Hotel, Blackfriars St, Manchester M3 2EQ, UK

Tel: +44 (0)179 451 1331

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Margaret Lyttle, Consultant in Urology, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The 26th Annual Scientific Meeting of the United Kingdom Continence Society (UKCS) was held in Manchester on 24-26 April 2019. As in previous years the programme provided a stimulating mix of updates on key topics, clinical and basic science research.

The first keynote opened with a topic relevant to all of us in clinical practice namely the management of recurrent urinary tract infections by Dr Maya Basu. This covered a number of potential novel targets for antimicrobial therapy. These are still at the laboratory stage but in an era where antibiotic stewardship is gaining increased attention, it is heartening to know alternatives are being developed.

It is not surprising given the current High Vigilance Pause on mesh that surgery for incontinence and mesh complications featured prominently throughout the programme. A satellite symposium (hosted by Contura) presented data from Helsinki on 'Bulkamid vs TVT: a randomised controlled trial presentation of the first 12 months results'. This is pending publication but the highlights were 99% patient satisfaction for TVT and 85% for Bulkamid. As a point of technique they used a 4 cushion Bulkamid protocol and a nurse telephone follow-up at one month where patients were offered a Bulkamind top up of which 43% accepted. The only reported complication in the Bulkamid group was de-novo urgency in 9%.

Dr Ursula Winters gave a keynote 'Update on Vulval Diseases'. Although this was aimed primarily at uro-gynaecologists, there was plenty of relevance to urologists. This was presented in a 'top tips' format. The top tip I took away is that if using steroids for vulval skin conditions, prescribe in ointment form as there are fewer additives compared to cream and so less likely to cause irritation to already damaged skin. Dermovate is useful for lichen planus of the vulva and Hydromol ointment is useful both as a soap substitute and as a barrier product. The British Association of Dermatology produces some helpful patient information leaflets about care of the vulval skin and specific vulval skin conditions which can be downloaded from their website.

The social side of the conference was not neglected with a keynote speech from writer and broadcaster Jonathan Schofield on the radical history of Manchester, a networking drinks reception on the first evening and the conference dinner in the inspiring surroundings of the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

The 27th UKCS Conference will be held in Glasgow 22nd-24 April 2020.