Prostate cancer nurse specialist shortage: a view from the coal face

Prostate Cancer UK recently reported that there is an impending crisis for men with prostate cancer, simply because the number of nurse specialists available is insufficient for their needs [1]. Background As has been widely reported, the incidence of prostate...

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Bladder cancer

Case 1 A 78-year-old female presents with a week history of painless haematuria. She’s a smoker and used to work in the textiles industry. She underwent a flexible cystoscopy. What does this image show? What are the two-week wait National...

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Read all about it Nov/Dec 2019

Read all about it... It can be awkward when a patient asks you about a report in their favourite tabloid detailing an amazing research breakthrough or a ‘cutting-edge’ new treatment / test and you don’t know what they are talking...

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How to organise a urology taster week as a foundation trainee

Current exposure to urology in medical undergraduate curriculums is relatively sparse in comparison to the other surgical specialties with one study reporting just 42% of students having a compulsory attachment. These attachments were an average length of just one week...

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The running gleet: why venereal disease is so important to the history of urology

In this series of articles I am going to show you some of the exhibits contained in the Museum of Urology, hosted on the BAUS website ( You might say that genitourinary infectious disease is a part of urology, but...

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What exactly is Hinman Syndrome?

Who was Hinman and what is Hinman Syndrome? Frank Hinman Junior (1915–2011) first described ‘Hinman syndrome’ in the 1970s – a condition also known as a ‘non-neurogenic neurogenic bladder’. He was a renowned American urologist, educator and skilful artist and...

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