Cleveland Clinic / Imperial College – Antioxidant Online Survey

Professor Ralf Henkel (Imperial College London/University of the Western Cape) and Professor Ashok Agarwal (Cleveland Clinic) are conducting an international online survey on the prescription of antioxidants for infertile patients, and have requested that we invite you to participate in this study.

What can you do NOW to help kidney stone patients?

Given that the pandemic has meant that cancer surgery and treatment has been postponed, what can be done for patients if their condition isn’t life-threatening?

Supporting chronic cystitis patients through the winter

The current pandemic is causing severe disruption to the care of patients with non-life-threatening conditions.

AvantSonic Z5 & Z3 Bladder Scanners

Real-time 3D automatic scanners, AvantSonic Z5 & Z3 measure bladder volume and PVR, producing fast and accurate measurements displayed on colour touch screens. Utilising advanced technology, AvantSonic Z5 & Z3 are simple to use even without scanning experience.

BBS Revolution™ - Bladder Scanner

Featuring a wireless scanning probe with eight ultrasound transducers for fully automatic bladder detection, BBS Revolution™ differentiates between male/female anatomy, delivering accurate volume measurements in seconds.

We are CPT accredited! C&G Medicare launching Pelvic Angel Training!

Pelvic health is essential for everyone to be able to live a good quality of life, without incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and other complications deriving from poor pelvic floor stability.

TUF Trials

The Urology Foundation has engaged in a review of its mission and consulted with urology professionals along the way.

Mermaid Medical UK, the UK distributor of CIVCO now the service and maintenance solution for all AccuCARE equipment

• Supply of steppers and stabilisers for all ultrasound machines • Training • Loan equipment to prevent downtime • Service and maintenance • Disposables

New Stress Urinary Incontinence Device, Efemia Bladder Support, now on NHS prescription

AGHealth, distributors of innovative obstetric and gynaecology devices, are proud to announce that Efemia Bladder Support is now on NHS Prescription, helping improve the lives of women affected by Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

BXTAccelyon becomes global distribution partner for new online prostate MRI self-learning tool to enhance prostate cancer diagnosis

BXTAccelyon, the leading low dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy partner to hospitals and clinics worldwide, and distribution partner for PrecisionPoint™, the...

How to clear backlogs after Covid-19

With clinics and surgery postponed, we can help your patients with cystitis and...

A Revolution in your hands: Wellspect launch innovative new female catheter

Wellspect have been innovators in catheterisation since developing the world’s first hydrophilic catheter. Now the Swedish company look to revolutionise the way women learn and perform intermittent self-catheterisation (ISC).