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Featuring a wireless scanning probe with eight ultrasound transducers for fully automatic bladder detection, BBS Revolution™ differentiates between male and female anatomy and delivers accurate volume measurements in seconds. Simple to operate BBS Revolution™ can be used effectively by nurses with/without experience.

Wireless probe scans at a distance from the console without the need for the trolley entering patients’ rooms, minimising risks of contamination. Easy to clean and disinfect, BBS Revolution™ reduces CAUTIs and combats the spread of healthcare-related infections.

BBS Revolution™ automatically calibrates itself with every scan and does not require annual servicing, hence preventing downtime and saving on servicing costs. Minimum training ensures fast operator proficiency with greater scanner usage and wider utilisation for patients benefits and shorter waiting lists.

Affordable and cost-effective with comprehensive warranty covering entire scanner. CE0120 Medical Device.
BBS Revolution™ is available directly nationwide and from the NHS National Services Scotland.


T: + 44 (0)1835 864866

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