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Featuring a wireless scanning probe with eight ultrasound transducers for fully automatic bladder detection, BBS Revolution differentiates between male / female anatomy, delivering accurate volume measurements in seconds. Simple to use BBS Revolution is for operators with / without prior experience. Advanced ‘next generation’ technology makes the BBS Revolution perfect for all hospital settings.      

Wireless probe scans at a distance from the console with lesser risk of contamination. Quick to clean and disinfect, BBS Revolution combats the spread of healthcare-related infections.          

BBS Revolution automatically self-calibrates and does not require servicing, thus reducing scanner downtime and running costs associated with long-term maintenance. Minimum training requirements ensure more operators scan proficiently and effectively for greater patient satisfaction and health benefits. 

CE0120 Medical Device.

Affordable, cost-effective and with comprehensive warranty, the BBS Revolution comes with unlimited distance training and support.  

Available from the NHS Supply Chain (England / Wales), the NHS National Services Scotland and directly.    



Win Health Medical Ltd
T: +44 (0)1835 864866

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