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Female fluoroscopy procedures including Hysterosalpingography (HSG) to assess uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, as well as video urodynamics to study pressure/flow in the lower urinary tract have been upgraded at Birmingham Women’s Hospital with the introduction of an Ultimax-i from Canon Medical Systems UK. 

Dr Moji Balogun, Consultant Radiologist at Birmingham Women’s Hospital states, “With a more modern fluoroscopy system we are ready to embrace future workloads and give greater comfort to our female patients. On-site fluoroscopy capabilities for babies are also very valuable to avoid the fragile transfers. The lower dose, image quality and ease of use are key highlights, plus the small footprint of the system works well in our compact room.”

The Ultimax-i features an adjustable C-arm with large area flat panel detector that works around the patient and enables easy access for radiographers, nurses and clinicians from both sides of the table during simple or complex procedures.



Canon Medical Systems UK
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