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KOELIS Trinity® is a fully integrated mobile fusion imaging platform designed for personalised prostate care. Uniquely equipped with 3D ultrasound probes and KOELIS® patented Organ-Based Tracking Fusion® technology, KOELIS Trinity® brings maximum accuracy and confidence in delineating and targeting prostate lesions.

To see a full demonstration of how the technology works, with commentary from Koelis product specialist Paul Pommel, click on the following video link.

The automatic, sensor-less prostate motion tracking feature of KOELIS Trinity® makes it not only trustworthy in mapping the prostate despite patient motion, but also easy to use and to maintain.

Available for transrectal and transperineal approaches, in line with the latest international recommendations, Trinity also brings versatile 2D/3D features for everyday urological ultrasound.

The Trinity® system was developed by KOELIS®, international leader in MRI/Ultrasound Prostate Fusion Biopsy, and is distributed in the UK exclusively by Kebomed UK Ltd.


Tim Moore, Kebomed UK
T: +44 (0)7792 347478

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