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LoFric® Origo is a user-friendly and safe male hydrophilic catheter. It comes in a discreet, foldable package that easily fits in a pocket. What sets LoFric apart from other catheters is its unique surface based on Urotonic Surface Technology, which ensures that the catheter remains smooth and safe both on insertion and withdrawal.

LoFric is also the world's first eco-labelled catheter* endorsed with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.LoFric Origo is available in various sizes and tips. We are thrilled to introduce the new LoFric Origo Flexible. LoFric Origo Flexible is a straight catheter with a flexible, ball-shaped tip. For many men a flexible tip catheter is perceived to be easier to insert. The shape and flexibility of the tip provide guidance through the male urethra, enabling more men to perform self-catheterisation.


* Applies to LoFric Origo, LoFric Elle, LoFric Hydro-kit, and LoFric Primo.



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