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Action Bladder Cancer UK works to provide support and information for patients and to raise awareness of bladder cancer, the symptoms and the needs of patients. Throughout May, ABC UK will join a global group of bladder cancer patient organisations to talk about bladder cancer. 

Bladder cancer is still a cancer of many unmet needs – the profile is low, treatment options are few (despite some recent and welcome advances), and outcomes for patients are still poor. 

ABC UK also funds much-needed research into bladder cancer and will be launching the 2022 round of the ABC UK small grants programme later this year.   

COVID-19 has had a serious impact on treatments for many cancer patients. ABC UK ran a survey of bladder cancer patients in 2020 to gauge this impact. The second, follow up, survey is currently running.   

Details of research grants and the ABC UK survey on the website:


Action Bladder Cancer 
T: +44 (0)300 302 0085 

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