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MOWOOT II is an intermittent colonic exo-peristaltic therapy system for intestinal transit disorders, such as slow transit constipation. MOWOOT II utilises advanced pneumatic technology to treat and prevent chronic constipation without laxatives, enemas and colon cleansing supplements.

Developed at the neurological rehabilitation centre Institute Guttmann, MOWOOT II mimics manual abdominal massage that stimulates the colon to speed up intestinal transit. Clinically proven to help people with idiopathic chronic constipation and neurogenic bowel, MOWOOT II doubles evacuation frequency, soften stools, improves regularity, reduces gasses and bloating, relieves abdominal discomfort and effectively combats chronic constipation.

Non-invasive and drug-free, MOWOOT II therapy is safe and does not lose its efficacy with long-term application. Comfortable and simple to use in care institutions and at home, MOWOOT II delivers effective solution to problems associated with chronic constipation. MOWOOT II is a Medical Device Class 2a (CE2797).


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