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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to around 52,000 (28%) fewer urgent prostate cancer referrals in England alone, according to statistics shared by Prostate Cancer UK.

It’s estimated that more than 8,600 fewer men started treatment for prostate cancer in 2020 than in 2021, a reduction of almost one third. Many of these ‘missing men’ could have life-threatening cancer, and unless found quickly, risk being diagnosed too late to be cured.

NHS England data shows that although referral rates were improving towards the end of 2020, they dropped by a further 2,500 in January as the country dealt with a new wave of the pandemic. The decline has been attributed to fewer consultations between men and their GP during this time.

Prostate Cancer UK is asking the public to share its 30-second risk checker to help men understand their risk of the disease and help to find the ‘missing men’. Help by sharing their easy-to-use online risk checker at #MenWeAreWithYou.

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