Pelviva® has teamed up with talkhealth, Bladder & Bowel UK, ERIC, The Urology Foundation and Wellbeing for Women to present an Online Clinic on Bladder Issues

Online clinic on bladder issues 2019

Pioneering medical device Pelviva, treating bladder leakage in women – the single largest condition in female health has teamed up with talkhealth, Bladder & Bowel UK, ERIC, The Urology Foundation and Wellbeing for Women to present an Online Clinic on Bladder Issues. Clinical experts will be available to answer questions on issues, symptoms and treatments surrounding bedwetting, cystitis & UTI's, urinary incontinence (urge and stress), overactive bladder syndrome, bladder cancer, bladder stones and catheters. The clinic will run until 14th June 2019.
A third of all women suffer from bladder leakage1, which has a huge impact on their quality of life. Acknowledging a need for an easy-to-use, discreet and clinically effective treatment, Femeda Ltd focused on developing a product that would be a life-changing breakthrough for women. The result was Pelviva – a disposable, discreet and easy-to-use Pelvic Floor muscle re-trainer with Reactive Pulse Technology - RPT™ that addresses the needs of 1 in 3 women.
Pelviva incorporates a revolutionary pattern of neuromuscular electrical stimulation using a programme developed by Professor Oldham at The University of Manchester. Each device contains a unique microprocessor that delivers RPT to the Pelvic Floor muscles. The Pelviva reactive pulse mimics the way the body works naturally, causing the Pelvic Floor muscles to contract. This helps restore speed and strength to the power fibres, to prevent bladder leakage when women cough, laugh, sneeze or exercise. It also re-trains the endurance fibres to hold on when a woman urgently needs the toilet, giving back control over urgency bladder leakage.
Dr Donna McVey, Femeda Medical Director said: “I welcome the arrival of Pelviva as an effective, non-surgical alternative to treat this embarrassing condition that so many women suffer from in silence.  Surgical intervention can be a possible solution for some women, it isn’t suitable for everyone and not every woman wants surgery.”
Pelviva is made of a Body Responsive Foam that adapts to every woman’s individual shape.2 The unique Pelviva RPT delivers a series of intensive reactive pulses every alternate 10 seconds, to stimulate the Pelvic Floor muscles.2  Each 30-minute treatment delivers up to 25% greater penetration of the deep pelvic muscles than other Pelvic Floor stimulation equipment.3
Professor Jacqueline Oldham PhD, BSc (Hons), RGN, Director of Corridor Manchester Health Innovation said: “Pelviva is the result of pain staking research through academic, clinical and industry collaboration bringing innovation into healthcare. This trail blazing development has the potential to transform the lives of women world wide.”
Julia Herbert, Femeda Clinical Director added: “Bladder leakage is an extremely common problem that seriously impacts on women’s lives. It has a close association with depression and often results in women withdrawing from social and physical activity, bladder leakage can also negatively impact on a woman’s personal life, relationships and sexual function. It’s been great to be involved in the development of Pelviva to bring women a treatment that really does fit into their life, is easy to use and that is also clinically effective.”
Pelviva is also supported by a comprehensive package of clinical data. In a 12-week randomised single-blind clinical study involving 123 women, 84% of women using Pelviva reported improvement in bladder control.4
The Pelviva women also reported a four-times greater improvement in quality of life versus women who only followed an unsupervised Pelvic Floor muscle exercise programme.4
“A third of all women suffer from bladder leakage 1" says Femeda CEO, Andrew Tasker, “Pelviva is the first product of its kind that is really easy-to-use and is clinically proven to treat bladder leaks. Pelviva is a pioneering medical device that will have a life-changing impact on women’s quality of life.1
Pelviva is available direct to consumers from and will soon to be available in selected pharmacies.

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