The authors, a combination of family physician and physiotherapist, work well together in this easy to read text, to provide a useful and patient-orientated guide to pelvic health. Many patients are not served well by the derisory amount of time that the average clinic appointment allows to discuss behavioural and lifestyle measures, which could potentially obviate issues which have a significant impact on quality of life. Therefore, this book would be an excellent recommendation for patients.

It provides a patient-friendly and candid discussion of a whole range of issues from surgical interventions to biofeedback and tibial nerve stimulation. Unsurprisingly the chapters concentrating on pelvic floor muscle exercise programmes are much more detailed and pleasantly didactic – a regime (amongst many) which patients can adhere to (and without any claim of superiority).

Aspects relating to behavioural and lifestyle measures are also covered well and whilst some might sniff at the lack of robust randomised trials the authors make no claim other than to offer some useful advice which patients may or may not find useful. It makes for an interesting read and a useful recommendation for the well-motivated patient. 

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Tim Lane

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