This new illustrated guide (published 2017) provides a comprehensive coverage of the field of paediatric urology. There are 31 chapters. Written in bullet point form, it contains a wealth of information for urologists, specialty trainees and others (e.g. urological nurses).

The hardback version is a pleasant package. The text is clear and easy to read. Of particular note are the excellent range of illustrations – original operative photos, radiological images and computer-generated diagrams. Some illustrations would, however, benefit from improved annotation and attention to editing by the publisher (there are some misplaced text boxes and spelling errors). It would also be advantageous for the chapter topics to flow in a more logical manner, and to ensure avoidance of any duplication of material between them. Overall, a useful addition to the bookshelf and in particular to that of speciality trainees (urology or paediatric surgery) who may be undergoing exit exams, due to the pictorial illustrations which may assist with viva practice.

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Neil Featherstone

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Addenbrookes Hospital).

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