This is a surprisingly good text which I am sure will represent a useful addition to anyone’s library. It is most likely to be sought after by those in higher surgical training grades who are seeking that all-important exposure to aspects of andrology. The real strength of the ‘text’ however, is its pictures.

Most of the common procedures – ranging from surgery for penile curvature to penile and scrotal reconstruction – are dealt with in step-by-step fashion with each step interspersed with illustrative (and good quality) pictures, which gives the whole text a very practical feel. This is a book for the trainee who wants to ‘do’ as well as understand. The book as a whole is nicely balanced with sections dealing with surgical anatomy as well as basic perioperative considerations relating to genito-urethral surgery.

The section on the surgical management of genito-urethral emergencies deserves a wider readership for what still remains a relatively infrequent presentation to most departments. Likewise, the sections dealing with benign scrotal and foreskin conditions would benefit those in core training roles. It has therefore something for everyone and could justify its position on the shelf in any urology department.

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Tim Lane

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