Available separately to the four-volume Campbell-Walsh Urology (11th edition), is this Review edition. The hard copy appears substantial and roughly the same size as the other volumes, and is perhaps best considered the final volume and test of knowledge acquisition and retention of prior reading. It follows the same template as the chapters in the main text, with each chapter being reflected in a set of questions. As such, the questions as a set cover the breadth of the entire specialty, and aim to include significant depth as well.

The advantage by far of this book is the inclusion of interactive testing onto mobile devices and desktops. Each chapter’s questions can be taken using a multiple choice question format, with answers verified instantly. The explanations are also included, with highlighted key points, for every one of the 3000 questions, completing the formative learning circle.

Revision tools for the FRCS(Urol) exam, particularly the part 1 knowledge test, are likely to stay in demand. To this end, the Campbell-Walsh Review represents a comprehensive review of the knowledge of the speciality, and a chance to examine one’s knowledge in detail about all aspects of theory and practice. The interactive option on mobile devices, offers a dynamic approach, and can be used to maximise revision time, whether between theatre cases or a quiet lunch, without having to carry a large textbook. This should form a vital component of the revision for all trainees in the lead up to the exam, and an excellent tool for a review of key knowledge.

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Morkos Iskander

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