The latest edition of the most comprehensive textbook on urology encompasses the breadth of the specialty. It provides an encyclopaedic review in an easy to read, succinct format. The appropriate use of bold text to highlight key points makes it useful, both as a book to quickly skim through for key information and facts, or to leisurely peruse for a more thorough and detailed insight into our specialty.

The diagrams and figures provide adequate supplementary information, complementing the text without disrupting the flow of the prose. Additionally, the online component with continuous updates should ensure that the text remains relevant and useful for the foreseeable future.

Overall, this represents the most complete text on urology as a specialty, and is undoubtedly the single omnibus central textbook for exam revision, and updating clinical knowledge. The ability to access the text via the online platform, as well as providing regular updates to the text, adds a portability which the hardbacks alone lack.

My one criticism is that there appears to be a missed opportunity in integrating new technology in the form of virtual and augmented reality. With these technologies freely available via smartphones and tablets, inclusion of either anatomical demonstrations, equipment examples or even full operations would have been the final leap towards making this the only definitive educational text in urology. This may be where the next edition will be headed.

As it stands, the 11th edition represents a thorough analysis of where the specialty stands, with all the up to date and latest evidence available across the breadth of clinical practice. It is a worthwhile addition to the library of any urologist.

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Morkos Iskander

Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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