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Campbell’s Urology, as it is widely referred to, has the unassailable position of being the go-to reference text for urology. Incredibly, this is now available in a concise pocket version! It’s remarkable how such a vast quantity of information could be condensed into such an easily accessible format.

At a bit over 7 x 4 inches in dimension and 824 pages thick, this deceptively small book certainly packs a powerful punch. I don’t know many people who can claim to have read Campbell’s from cover to cover, but now’s your best chance if you want to be one. It is a concise, well-written text that is perfect for trainees, nurse specialists and experienced senior consultants alike for quick reference. It delivers contemporary information in focused summaries of exactly what needs to be known, delivered by the same eminent authors as the 12th edition of the better-known tome.

The paperback version (there is an eBook available as well) is printed on good quality paper with numerous colour images, handy tables and clear clinical pathways. Easy to carry, whether on a train or at work, it provides easy access to comprehensive information without having to bring heavy tomes down from the bookshelf. It is organised in 31 chapters that follow a well-recognised format that outlines key definitions, fundamentals of pathophysiology, diagnostic pathways and treatment options. Starting from basic concepts of each topic, the text progresses into reassuring detail that even includes some diagrammatic descriptions of operative principles and photographs of equipment.

The handbook is highly recommended for all urologists to have to hand, whether as an invaluable guide for exam preparation or for ready reference in daily practice.

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Jay Khastgir

Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend & Swansea University School of Medicine.

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