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The authors’ intention with this book is to provide a consensus on a number of common, challenging and controversial topics in urology, which are examined from a multidisciplinary approach with insights from expert opinion and current evidence. Challenging Cases in Urological Surgery covers a variety of topics aimed to meet the requirements of the Intercollegiate Surgical curriculum.

Aimed primarily towards the urology trainee, this book consists of 528 pages, compiled into 15 sections of interest, ranging from urinary tract stones to emergency urology, trauma, and urinary tract malignancies. There are 48 cases presented with a case history, with the patient journey supported by learning points, clinical tips and an expert comment from a specialist within the field in question. Importantly, each case has a list of references to enable access to the relevant literature. The high pedigree of contributors and expert input highlights the value of the book to prospective trainees. It emphasises the intricacies of management of urological pathologies which is by no means straightforward and provides multiple options based on individual patient factors that should be considered in each case. From a trainees’ perspective case-based learning is an effective means of building strong foundations of clinical practice, as is well known in medical education.

The concise layout of this paperback book is easy to digest with its clear print text and excellent illustrations, which include radiology images and flow charts that clearly highlight the significance of investigative tests and helps better understanding. The large number of clinical cases makes this book a high value resource for junior colleagues entering higher specialty training, by providing wide exposure to a range of clinical situations.

In summary, this book is a comprehensive resource of significant value to all junior colleagues. It covers urology cases commonly encountered on a daily basis, and therefore should be on the reading list of every budding urologist.

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Rhodri James

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