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This is a very well written and presented reference which brings together the collective experience and knowledge of a multidisciplinary authorship. As a staff nurse in a urology unit that uses catheters and other urological devices on a daily basis, I found this book very useful as a much-needed resource.

It is an easy read and is aimed at everyone practising urology or proving urological care in various disciplines and in the community – doctors, nurses, continence advisors and others. There are numerous illustrations which explain a wide range of topics, from details of catheter design and correct use to the complications associated with them, such as urethral erosions. The illustrations are colourful which makes the book pleasant to read.

I found this book particularly useful for explaining new concepts to patients, such as the chapter on intermittent catheterisation, which has diagrams of catheter types, insertion techniques and assistive devices. Other chapters cover devices such as ureteric stents, nephrostomy tubes, urostomy products, absorbent pads and containment or compression devices, catheter bags and pessaries. There is a useful chapter on skin care for incontinence. The book employs a problem-solving approach, rather than a dreary list of products and makes this topic surprisingly interesting.

This book gives an in-depth insight into the variety of devices that are available for urological conditions and how to use and troubleshoot them. I highly recommend this book for wards, clinics and the community teams, and for all students of medicine and nursing. It will make their life so much easier and save so many problems for their patients!

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Tiffany J Ashcroft Morgan

Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, Wales.

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