This book outlines in detail the interventional procedures of the urinary tract. It is suitable for trainee doctors specialising in urology surgery and interventional radiology. It is also suitable for consultant or specialist doctors who are already performing urology intervention and want to increase their range of procedures.

All the chapters include good discussion about the principles of the interventional techniques; how to perform the procedure (including tips and tricks), as well as the various complications that need to be considered. I particularly like the chapter on renal ablation. This includes good photographs, diagrams and imaging to illustrate how to carry out this procedure.

The chapter on varicocele embolisation is also very informative with clear fluoroscopy diagrams and detailed accounts of the different techniques in embolisation. Part 1 is also very good in describing the history behind urology intervention and discussing the fundamentals of using radiology to guide the procedures.

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Sebastian Chang

Lister Hospital, Stevenage; East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.

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