This book represents the concept of urine cytology in a compact, colourful crucible of high quality photomicrographs. It gives an excellent overview on the specific field of urine cytology. ‘One picture is worth a thousand words’ and this succinctly captures the essence of this book with limited text making this book ideal for quick consultation. The first chapter of historical note is very interesting.

The second chapter, which is based on laboratory processing of cytological samples, explains the advantages and disadvantages of various cytological methods of investigation in a very detailed and descriptive manner. The chapters on tumours and related conditions of the bladder and lower urinary tract are extensively discussed. Chapter five reviews the effect of viral infections in great detail with excellent microphotographs. Human polyomavirus is discussed in great detail, with excellent microphotographs.

Also present are some useful descriptions of some potential pitfalls, which may be over-interpreted as abnormal. The final chapter discusses the five markers of bladder cancer approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as well as 10 other urine based markers. Immunocytochemical detection of markers in exfoliated urothelial cells is separately reviewed. The sensitivity, specificity and cost of the various markers are also discussed. In summary this book offers a practical approach to sampling techniques and cytological interpretation of urothelial malignancies.

I would recommend this book to all laboratories where urine cytology forms an important component of the cytology practice. 

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Samita Agarwal

QEII Hospital, Welwyn Garden City, UK.

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