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This is a treasure trove of information on a complex area of urology. The list of contributors includes some of the most well-regarded neuro-urologists from across the globe, who have distilled an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise into a small (24 x 16cm), easy to hold volume.

This textbook would serve equally well as a handbook for experienced practitioners as it would as a source for learning key concepts for trainees. The chapters are well-referenced and grouped into thematic sections: neuro-anatomy; relevant physiology and pathology; clinical entities and their consequences; diagnostics; urinary problems; bowel disorders; and conservative and surgical management. Numerous colour diagrams, tables and photographs make the text visually appealing and enhance understanding of key concepts.

Several key concepts that are covered apply to general urological practice, such as the relationship between diabetes mellitus and lower urinary tract dysfunction, trouble-shooting for urinary retention, and management of infections. However, an apparent omission appears to be any coverage of sexual dysfunction in female neurologic patients, an important aspect of patient care that is often overlooked in clinical practice. Despite this omission this is definitely a book worth adding to a urologist’s library.

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Jay Khastgir

Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend & Swansea University School of Medicine.

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