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Traversing the spectrum of urology, this is the seventh iteration of this textbook, the third with Elsevier. It is clear from this edition that the team has been hard at work to update and fine-tune this resource. The preface of the manual states its aims – to provide a useful introductory text, helpful for both urological and non-urological healthcare professionals.

In fact, this textbook is far more than simply an introductory text and packs a vast amount of information into a remarkably portable and pleasingly formatted textbook.

Suggested core readings as well as end-of-chapter self-assessment questions make this an attractive guide to urology trainees on the wards, in clinic and in their exam revision. Algorithms and clinical pearls are useful for the urologist ‘on the go’ and serve as an extremely useful resource for a wide range of urological conditions. Of note, the urological emergencies section includes succinct step-by-step guides to common urological emergencies.

The eBook version of the manual is easily accessible and available at no extra charge. Access to all 1136 pages and the 120 high-quality images and figures is simple, with a search function within the eBook allowing the reader to quickly find the information they need. Depending on the reader’s needs, there are options to make notes, highlight texts and even have the text read aloud through the e-book platform.

Overall, this manual packs a huge punch in a small package. Despite its hefty page count, the short chapters and well-formatted nature of the text make it digestible and easy to use. It is well recommended for all urologists and those non-urologists seeking an effective guide to urology.

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