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BJUI Knowledge is an online educational platform for urologists. It enables e-learning and provides a record of continuing professional development (CPD). Access to the portal for e-learning and CPD is available online through the website (link below) or an accompanying BJUI Knowledge app (Android and iOS).


Access to the website content and the app is free for BAUS members or costs £75.00 per year for non-members. Subscription costs are reduced for urologists from economically disadvantaged countries. Initially, you have to sign up and create a user account, enter a billing address and payment information. Once signed up, the app and internet platform accounts work seamlessly (although be aware that iOS 13 or later is required for Apple devices).


The website and app are divided into an e-learning section and a CPD section. At the time of this review, there are over 410 interactive e-learning modules that cover the breadth of the FRCS urology curriculum. The e-learning is divided into urological sub-specialty sections each of which has sub-editors. The e-learning section also includes a video library of procedural videos and a section on safe patient care and professionalism.

Each of the e-learning modules is written and peer-reviewed by UK and international urologists. The e-learning content is up-to-date, evidence-based, and referenced. This year the Specialist Advisory Committee in Urology (SAC) is planning to introduce an annual in-service training assessment (ISTA) for UK trainees based on BJUI Knowledge.




The e-learning modules have a simple navigation system. Each module starts with the title and author(s). Once the module is opened the ‘learning objectives’ are displayed. This is followed by educational content, which is broken down into an easy to read format with pictures and diagrams highlighting key points. There are intermittent ‘knowledge checks’ with question and answer sections for the user to complete. The module finishes with some short ‘final assessments’ to reinforce learning covered in the module, usually based around a clinically relevant scenario. Finally, the module finishes with a summary of key learning points.

The e-learning modules vary in length with many able to be completed in 15-20 minutes. On starting an e-learning module, your current progress is automatically saved and can be resumed later. On completing a module a certificate is sent to your email address and a record is automatically created in your ‘My CPD’ section.

Working offline and references

If you prefer to work offline and print a full-text version of the source manuscript there is the function to do this by clicking on the ‘references’ icon in the top right-hand corner of each module. A PDF file of the entire e-learning manuscript and the full list of references can then be downloaded and printed.

Potential improvements 

At present, I think the BJUI Knowledge app layout is far superior in terms of usability to the current website layout. The app offers a clearer overview of the different modules that are available and is easier to navigate. It is difficult to categorise more than 400 modules into some sort of logical order but the website platform could be reworked so that it more closely resembles the app layout.

Ideally, I would also like to see an increase of entirely free content available for core surgical trainees, foundation trainees, and medical students. A core and foundation trainee content area could also promote the teaching of quality improvement, audit, and high-quality research modules. Some of this content is already available within the main BJUI Knowledge platform.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in remote learning, as well as the number of live streamed webinars and saved video lectures. I think having additional areas for multimedia resources such as podcasts, and the latest video lectures and webinars would be a welcome addition.

The BJUI Knowledge platform remains the best complete online learning resource for urologists. As a trainer, it provides a great reference point to discuss cases related to the FRCS urology curriculum and additionally it provides videos of common operations. I think the platform is excellent for CPD and as such, should be highly recommended to all trainees and urologists. Hopefully, by engaging with multimodal learning and with medical students, foundation, and core trainees this can be further enhanced.


The BJUI Knowledge app is available through Apple Store or Google Play.
A guide to using the app is available online
Ivo Dukic

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

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