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BrainyDoc Ltd is back with another brand new educational app called ‘Urological Emergencies’. It is available as a free download for iPhone and iPad (iTunes) and Android mobile devices (Google Play).



The Urological Emergencies app provides a series of topics relating to common urological emergencies. The layout is similar to the Urology News app with a central ‘Contents’ menu detailing various emergency conditions. A tap reveals more on each condition, on a single scrolling page and the sections can be easily accessed through a series of shortcuts at the top of each page. Each section provides a structured approach to the diagnosis, investigation and management of common urological emergency conditions. At the bottom of the ‘Contents’ page there is a link to relevant British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) consent forms and information on the authorship of the app.



The app covers a wide range of common urological emergencies. The content is thoroughly researched (by authors Laila Cunin, Jessica Chang and Nicholas Rukin) and has been approved by the BAUS Education Committee. The content is chiefly designed for hospital practitioners and would be most suitable for accident and emergency doctors and nurse specialists, foundation doctors, core trainees and allied specialists who are responsible for patients with emergency urological conditions. It can also be used a teaching aid for medical students and would be a beneficial resource for community healthcare practitioners.


The Urological Emergencies app is useful for anybody involved in the diagnosis and management of urological emergencies. The app is well researched and has the potential to greatly improve the standard of patient care. I would highly recommend downloading the Urological Emergencies app and sharing it with your teams.


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Ivo Dukic

University Hospitals Birmingham, UK.

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