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At The Urology Foundation (TUF) we are acutely aware that the attention of our colleagues in the urology profession are rightly elsewhere at the moment. I would like to thank all urologists, urology nurses and urology researchers for the sacrifices you are making and the very important work you are doing to help combat Covid-19. These are worrying times for us all, and none more than for those of you on the frontline.  

The impact now is being felt by urology patients across the country, with many operations being downgraded or cancelled to make way for patients infected with the coronavirus. TUF will work with the experts on our Scientific & Education Committee to try to scope a body of work around what impact this enforced and elongated waiting period will have for urology patients, departments and professionals, that could inform waiting targets and treatment decisions going forward. 

We have had to postpone the nurse leadership programme we were due to run in April, and some of our projects have been put on hold. Perhaps the biggest and impact of Covid-19 on TUF has been the cancellation and postponement of fundraising activities. This at a time when we were hoping to announce some exciting changes to our programme funding, with more opportunities for trainees and nurses to apply for grants. However, this crisis will pass and for the rest of 2020 TUF remains ready to receive applications to our small research projects fund, to our nurse travel funds and to our Urology Nurse of the Year award. Do check our website for details.  

Going forward, TUF cannot operate without the support of the urology community to help us fundraise as all our programmes are funded entirely through donations. We are also particularly grateful to all of you in the urology community who fundraise on our behalf. By supporting The Urology Foundation, you are helping to support the urologists and urology nurses of the future. 

Thank you and stay safe. 


The Urology Foundation 
T: +44 (0)207 713 9538 

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