This represents a well written and comprehensive tome covering virtually all aspects of kidney, bladder and prostate surgery. The opening chapters deal well with aspects relating to robotic anaesthesia, training and education which I suspect even the most experienced of robotic surgeons would benefit from reading rather than skipping to the meatier sections of the book.

Subsequent chapters follow a well tested pathway from anatomical considerations which impact upon robotic access, through to surgical technique. The technical aspects of the procedures outlined are considered in modular fashion and in reassuring detail so that many who are just embarking out in their respective fields will feel suitably informed. Technical tips and tricks abound with common pitfalls highlighted for the unwary. Of almost equal utility are those chapters which focus on the inevitable complications. Both assessment and management are detailed for each.

Whilst there are many texts that deal with prostatectomy there are much fewer which relate to bladder surgery and it in this area where the book is strongest. Even if you have a sub-specialist interest the book would benefit from a read as a whole, given that much of the advice is general and applicable to whatever your organ of interest happens to be. The book is certainly a recommended read.

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Tim Lane

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.

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