This is an absolute requisite of a book for anyone in urology whatever their stage of development. For the experienced it provides some useful teaching tips and for the beginner even a cursory read will make you feel like a urodynamics guru!

The format is a no-nonsense approach to assessing urodynamics but more importantly applying the right tests to the right situation. The text deals not only with urodynamics but also with some of those issues which are often side-lined in other texts (such as voiding diaries, pad testing, etc.).

Invasive as well as non-invasive testing is covered in equal detail as well as dealing with aspects which lie on the edges of that which we regard as routine (such as urethral profilometry) and urodynamics of the upper tract. This disarmingly small book packs a powerful punch which (in my mind at least) earns it a place on everyone’s shelf.

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Tim Lane

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.

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