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Urodynamics – A quick pocket guide

This is an absolute requisite of a book for anyone in urology whatever their stage of development. For the experienced it provides some useful teaching tips and for the beginner even a cursory read will make you feel like a...

Urodynamics in review: stress urinary incontinence in women produced by the Urodynamics Committee of the ICS

Urodynamic studies (UDS) are the best tools to objectively assess the lower urinary tract dysfunction (LUTD) of various aetiologies [1]. According to the general understanding and consensus of the medical community UDS should be performed only when they will change...

PICOSMART - The Smart Urodynamics Solution

PICOSMART has an advanced acquisition unit that offers new advanced capabilities. Wired or wireless uroflowmeter. The pressure channels are compatible with external transducer for water perfused catheters and solid-state catheters. Optional: Video-urodynamics to combine x-ray or ultrasound images and short...

Hermes Urodynamics System

Hermes from Albyn Medical is the most advanced urodynamics system available today. Networking and DICOM options. Also available - SmartDyn Wireless urodynamics system. SmartFlow wireless uroflowmeter Contact us to arrange a demo or trial.

Urodynamics Course

Basic Urodynamics Course

Certificate in Urodynamics Course (Newcastle)

Certificate in Urodynamics Course (Bristol)

Certificate in Urodynamics Course (London)