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Urology News and have produced a brand new educational app aimed as a teaching and revision aid for urology trainees, nurses and consultants. The app is called the ‘Urology News app’ and is available as a free download on iOS (Apple App Store) and android (GooglePlay) mobiles and tablets.

The Urology News app is designed as a medical educational tool and is funded by an educational grant from Porges Coloplast. The app is based on the Spot Test section of the print version of Urology News. Over eight years of Spot Test articles have been collated into teaching cases, and these form the basis of the images, questions and answers contained within the app.

The app has a central ‘Home’ menu with Introduction, Spot Test Questions, Exam Mode and Synopsis sections. The Spot Test Questions list a wide variety of urological topics, which are laid out in a logical alphabetical order. A tap on a topic leads to a sub menu of a number of cases. Each case starts with a urological image along with a series of questions and answers. The answers are displayed on the same screen by pressing an answer button. App navigation is easy and intuitive, as the answer button is automatically replaced with a next question button. If the initial image is unclear or too small, you can zoom in and out using the familiar pinch to zoom function. Heading back to either the topics page or the Home menu is available on every page at the top of the screen.



The Exam Mode lists cases in a random order, thereby testing a broad knowledge of urology. There is also a Synopsis section which currently has three summaries of andrology topics and is likely to be expanded in the near future.

The app will be particularly useful for trainers and trainees in between surgical cases. It provides a point for discussion that can be expanded on with trainees at a variety of stages and used for workplace-based assessments. Trainees preparing for the FRCS Urol examination, consultants and nursing staff will also benefit, as the answers are well researched and accurate. The Urology News app is a welcome addition to the education landscape in urology and highly recommended.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the Urology News app. Feedback is always welcome so email: if you have any comments!

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