The management of adolescent varicocele remains controversial. One issue that remains unresolved is that of testicular size determination pre and post any form of conservative or surgical option. These authors compared the results of using a Rochester orchiometer and ultrasound (using the Lambert formula – L x H x D x 0.71) on testicular volume estimation. Seven hundred and twenty measurements (360 left and 360 right) were made in 360 boys all of whom had a palpable varicocele (grade 3 in 183, Grade 2 in 113, Grade 1 in 42, bilateral in 12 and ungraded in 10) who had a median age of 15.8 (range 11.2-18.5 years). The orchiometer overestimated testicular size by 1.9-2 cm. The volume was overestimated more in larger testes. The authors also note that the sensitivity of the orchiometer of detecting a 20% volume change was “modest” (undefined) and concluded that accurate testicular size measurement if required should be carried out by ultrasound. – HS

Accuracy of orchidometry in boys with varicocele.
Kurtz MP, Migliozzi M, Rosoklija I, et al.
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Henrik Steinbrecher

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