Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common in children and babies and can lead to urosepsis, renal scarring and chronic kidney disease. As per American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, urine samples are a must in febrile / unwell infants even if it requires a catheter or suprapubic aspiration. In the UK, the National Institute of Health & Care Excellence (NICE) recommends non-invasive techniques to catch urine during spontaneous flow. This article from Australia describes the ‘quick wee method’. This was a randomised controlled trial of 344 infants who presented to a tertiary centre. They were divided into two groups: 1) Quick wee method – circular massage of suprapubic area with added stimulation by a wet cold gauze; 2) Standard clean catch without any stimulation. Quick wee resulted in a higher rate of voiding as compared to standard clean catch (31% vs. 12%) within five minutes.

Faster clean catch urine collection (quick wee method) from infants.
Kaufman J, Fitzpatrick P, Tosif S, et al.
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