The authors of this paper describe the cumulative incidence of outcomes and surgical procedures following paediatric augmentation cystoplasties in the USA. They included all children <18 years over an 11-year period in their study and used the Pediatric Health Information system as their data source. Sensitivity analyses were used to determine censoring effects. A total of 2831 patients were identified. Ten-year cumulative outcome ranges were as follows (the lowest figure represents that with sensitivity analysis and the higher one assumes non-informative censoring): Bladder rupture – 2.9-6.4%; Small bowel obstruction – 5.2-10.3%; Bladder stones – 13.3–36%; Pyelonephritis – 16.1-37.1%; Cystolithopaxy – 13.3-35.1%; Re-augmentation – 5.2-13.4%. Bladder neck closure and stoma formation resulted in greater incidence of stones and rupture. This paper is a good source of information for preoperative counselling. 

Cumulative incidence of outcomes and urologic procedures after augmentation cystoplasty.
Schloemer B, Copp H.
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