This study aimed to assess the outcome of case discussion at a single unit’s urogynaecology multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings. This was a retrospective study of the MDT proformas of 106 patients who were discussed over a 14-month period. Various outcomes of the MDT were reviewed including a change in management plan, type of surgery suggested, any change in surgeon and time taken to MDT discussion. The average age of patients was 58 (range 23-89). The time to MDT discussion ranged from 2 to 14 days. In total 31 cases (29%) had a change of management plan as a result of being discussed at MDT. The discussion of 11 cases resulted in alternative surgery being performed. The study concluded that MDT discussion of urogynaecology cases is an effective forum to formulate management plans for complex cases. It represents a robust decision-making forum without significantly impacting on patient waiting time. The financial implications of an MDT (~0.25 PA) are outweighed by the patient benefit.

Multidisciplinary team meetings in urogynaecology.
Gopinath D, Jha S.
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Ann Crump

Central Manchester Foundation NHS Trust

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