Overactive bladder (OAB) is a complex symptom that can adversely affect quality of life. So far pharmacotherapy has focused on anti-cholinergic drugs. Recently, beta-adrenoreceptors have been identified as having an effect on the detrusor muscle and urothelium. Beta-3 is the main subtype causing relaxation of the detrusor muscle in humans. Stimulation of Beta-3 receptors leads to direct relaxation of the detrusor muscle. This article is a multicentre study from the USA and Europe. The pharmacokinetics of mirabegron are well-described along with the drug interactions. The safety aspects are well presented. Results show that, in anti-cholinergic failure cases, a Beta-3 agonist is worth a try, and leads to a reduced incidence of dry mouth and blurred vision. This paper will be useful for anyone who wants to know about various studies of this drug such as the BLOSSOM and SCORPIO trials.

Mirabegron in overactive bladder: a review of efficacy, safety and tolerability.
Chapple CR ,Cardozo L, Nitti VW, et al.
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Arun K Sharma

West Herts NHS Trust (Watford General Hospital)

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