Vaginal mesh exposure following mid-urethral sling (MUS) insertion can be a difficult complication to treat. The aim of this study was to identify possible risk factors in patients who had unfortunately developed vaginal mesh exposure following MUS surgery. This was a retrospective study looking at patients over a 10-year period that had undergone surgical repair following vaginal mesh exposure after a MUS insertion. These patients were compared to a control group, who also had undergone MUS insertion but who did not have vaginal mesh exposure. Patients were compared in a ratio 1:3. In total 2123 patients underwent MUS surgery, with 1.3% (27) of patients undergoing surgical repair for their vaginal mesh exposure. Using multivariate analysis the following risk factors for vaginal mesh exposure were identified: previous bariatric surgery, a retropubic approach, preoperative haemoglobin <13g/dl and being pre-menopausal. The study concludes that if these factors are identified then patient preoperative counselling can be improved.

Predictors of vaginal mesh exposure after mid-urethral sling placement: a case-control study.
Linder BJ, El-Nasher SA, Carranza Leon DA, Trabuco EC.
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