I have to state a conflict of interest here for obvious reasons, being one of the authors. This paper reviews the English literature between 1980 and 2013 and summarises the clinical classification, aetiology, physiology and pathophysiology of paediatric priapism – a rare but significant clinical event. The paper reads like a textbook chapter and includes up to date references, tables of causes, differentiating features between low and high flow priapism and a management algorithm. The commentary by PL Hegarty attached to the paper states “…although meant for paediatricians, this is, in fact, relevant to those treating adults also. This review…should be available in all paediatric emergency departments.”

Priapism in children: a comprehensive review and clinical guideline.
Donaldson JF, Rees R, Steinbrecher HA.
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Henrik Steinbrecher

Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust

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