This systematic review aimed to evaluate different surgical techniques and their outcomes used for treating women with urethral diverticulae. One hundred and eight studies were identified; some of these however were single case reports (37%). As one would expect the vast majority of patients (84%) were treated with a transvaginal resection +/- reconstruction. Various other techniques used included: marsupialisation (3.8%) and transurethral endoscopic unroofing (2.0%). Approximately half of the studies, which equated to approximately 69% of patients, were reported as being symptom-free post procedure. Only 46% of studies provided detailed follow-up data and surgical complications were reported selectively. No comparative studies on the different surgical techniques were identified and the authors stated that the current evidence on the surgical management of urethral diverticulae does not allow for any accurate estimation of success and complication rates. 

Surgical management of urethral diverticula in women: a systematic review.
Bodner-Adler B, Halpern K, Hanzal E.
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