This is a satisfaction survey in 40 patients who had underwent radical orchidectomy and had saline filled testicular prosthesis (TP) over a 3 year period in US, as the silicone implants are not in use since 1995 in US. No patient reported complications and none underwent explantation. Overall satisfaction was defined as the percentage of patients who reported as good or excellent. All patients felt that being offered an implant before orchiectomy was important. Overall, 33 patients (82.5%) rated the TP as good or excellent, and 35 men (87.5%) would have the prosthesis implanted again. Thirty-seven patients (92.5%) found the TP to be comfortable or very comfortable. However, 44% considered the TP too firm and 20% felt the position was not appropriate. Appropriate size, appropriate position, and TP comfort were significantly associated with good or excellent overall TP satisfaction. Only 7 patients (17.5%) reported that their decision was influenced by their relationship status. 3 patients (7.5%) rated the TP as uncomfortable. No patients took pain medication for TP related discomfort. The time with prosthesis (<6 months, 6-12 months, >12 months) was not associated with level of satisfaction. Overall, non-modifiable factors (eg weight, texture, and shape) generally did not impact overall patient satisfaction, but modifiable factors (eg TP size and positioning) were impactful. They conclude saying it is a safe practice to offer TP and usefulness of data for counselling.

Satisfaction with Testicular Prosthesis After Radical Orchiectomy.
Clifford TG, Burg ML, Hu B, et al.
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Gokul Vignesh Kanda Swamy

ABM University Health Board, Swansea, UK.

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