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The Royal Marsden Testicular and Bladder Cancer Meeting - Improving Outcomes with Multidisciplinary Care

The aim of the conference will be to highlight the treatment and options for patients with both testicular and bladder cancer. 

Day-case monopolar and bipolar transurethral resection of the prostate

The aim of this study was to assess the safety and efficacy of performing monopolar (mTURP) and bipolar transurethral resection of prostate (bTURP) as a day-case. This was a prospective two-centre study. One centre performed day-case mTURP (group M) and...

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe launches a dedicated prostate fusion imaging platform

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe is pleased to have unveiled the ARIETTA™ 65 IntuitiveFusion.

From body snatchers to conservative surgery: the life of Sir William Fergusson

In this series of articles I am going to show you some of the exhibits contained in the Museum of Urology, hosted on the BAUS website ( I’ve only recently paid full attention to Sir William Fergusson (1808-1877). He was...

Cleveland Clinic / Imperial College – Antioxidant Online Survey

Professor Ralf Henkel (Imperial College London/University of the Western Cape) and Professor Ashok Agarwal (Cleveland Clinic) are conducting an international online survey on the prescription of antioxidants for infertile patients, and have requested that we invite you to participate in this study.

Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand (USANZ) 2019

By Munad Khan, Urology Registrar, Redcliffe Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. This year's USANZ ASM was held in sunny Brisbane, Queensland. This annual meeting showcased important academic developments from a range of Australasian urologists and aspiring trainees, supported by an impressive international...

COVID-19 and acute kidney injury

Newspapers and online media are full of the effects of the coronavirus on airways and olfactory functions and the importance of respiratory physicians (pulmonologists in the USA), ventilators and intensive care teams. However, as per the Intensive Care National Audit...

Radiological appearances of non-vascular renal anatomical variants

Anatomical variants of the renal tract are common and, although often asymptomatic, may present with complications. It is essential to identify anatomical variants, as this may have an impact upon surgical planning and management. This article aims to demonstrate radiological...

An inconvenient truth: reflections on the NHS

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” The above is a quote attributed to Mark Twain from the 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which follows Al...