Her special interests are female and functional urology

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Artificial penile pearls: what every Urologist should know!

Penile implants are inert objects placed beneath the skin of the penis through an incision. These are variously referred to as Yakuza beads, pearls, ball bearings, speed bumps, penile marbles, inserts, etc. The term ‘penile implant’ described here should not...

Penile fracture

Traumatic rupture of the tunica albuginea with either one or both corpora cavernosa of the penis is known as penile fracture. This may be associated with corpus spongiosum or urethral injury. Incidence Penile fracture was reported for the first time...

Nocturnal enuresis in children

Introduction Nocturnal enuresis is the complaint of bedwetting. The 2010 National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines define bedwetting as the “involuntary wetting during sleep without any inherent suggestion of frequency of bedwetting or pathophysiology” [1]. Bedwetting is...

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