This was all in all a pretty good read. It covers a wide range of topics authoritatively and with a degree of confidence that allows for quite a focused discussion on a range of malignancies from adrenal glands to penile cancer and from prostate cancer to germ cell tumours.

With the book being just over 300 pages long it provides a succinct and up-to-date authoritative guide to management. It is a good investment of time and money. I’m sure those preparing for the FRCS(Urol) would have most areas covered. For the practising clinician – a read of this will make you MDT prepared! The real merit of the book is that it has taken much of the extraneous text on the various topics and edited them out leaving only that which will appeal to a clinician on the front line. There are some additional clinical scenarios which allow readers to put their new found knowledge to the test which focus the mind somewhat and serves the purpose of CPD well. 

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Tim Lane

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