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Diagnose Sperm Oxidative Stress, a major cause of male infertility, using MiOXSYS™

MiOXSYS is a rapid in vitro diagnostic semen analysis test that accurately measures oxidative stress in seminal fluid.

A physiological balance between oxidants and antioxidants (reductants) is required for important sperm functions such as testicular immunity, spermatogenesis, chromatin compaction, capacitation, hyperactivation, acrosome reaction, and sperm-oocyte fusion.

Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) is an overall measurement of the oxidative stress to which a biological component is subjected.

Abnormal ORP levels can be useful in identifying altered sperm functional status, especially in cases of idiopathic infertility and/or in male partners of couples who have suffered recurrent pregnancy loss.


Select the best sperm with the ZyMōt™ Microfluidic Sperm Separation Device

Used successfully by fertility clinics worldwide, ZyMōt™ Sperm Separation Devices are an innovative, natural, simple way for clinics to isolate sperm for IUI or ICSI. ZyMōt™ Devices, uses the sperm’s natural swimming abilities to separate the healthiest, best performing (motile) sperm from the rest. No centrifugation means no additional damage to sperm. Healthier, more motile sperm are more likely to help achieve a successful pregnancy.



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