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COVID-19 and urological management of stone disease

Presenters: Silvia Proietti & Florian Wagenlehner

Royal Marsden: Radiology in Cancer Management

This one day course is aimed at all radiographers, nurses, doctors and all other clinicians wanting to know more about the role of imaging in cancer care.

Rectal Prolapse Surgical Management Cadaveric Course

MOWOOT II Intestinal Transit Management System

MOWOOT II is an intermittent colonic exo-peristaltic therapy system for intestinal transit disorders, such as slow transit constipation. MOWOOT II utilises advanced pneumatic technology to treat and prevent chronic constipation without laxatives, enemas...

Demanding cases or nightmares in uro-oncology? May/Jun 2022

Delayed diagnosis of testicular cancer Testicular cancer is considered rare in the general population but is the most common cancer affecting males between 24 and 49 years. The diagnosis of testicular cancer depends on physical examination, ultrasound findings and tumour...

The role of an enhanced recovery protocol in patients undergoing robotic radical cystectomy

Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols are patient pathways designed to reduce surgical stress and accelerate postoperative recovery. Uptake of such protocols in colorectal surgery in particular has been high, however ERAS protocols developed or utilised in urological surgery have...