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Demanding cases or nightmares in uro-oncology? Jan/Feb 2023

Radical surgical treatment of prostate cancer has become minimally invasive owing to robotic assisted laparoscopic technology [1]. Patients who undergo robotic assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) often have lower risk of morbidity compared to an open approach. However, patients with a...

Demanding cases or nightmares in uro-oncology? Sep/Oct 2021

Active surveillance for prostate cancer: missing the boat Case In 2005 a 43-year-old man of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity was referred to our centre for investigation of suspected prostate cancer. Digital rectal exam revealed a firm right lobe, PSA of 2.3ng/ml, prostate...

Demanding cases or nightmares in uro-oncology? May/Jun 2021

It’s not in the bag until it’s out of the abdomen: abdominal wall recurrence after ruptured retrieval bag during robot-assisted partial nephrectomy We present a case of failure of a specimen retrieval bag during a robot-assisted partial nephrectomy resulting in...

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