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Sepsis syndrome in urology

There are approximately 100,000 cases of sepsis per year in the UK, of which 37,000 result in death (this is more than prostate cancer, breast cancer, HIV / AIDS and road traffic accidents combined). Urosepsis is defined as sepsis caused...

The role of an enhanced recovery protocol in patients undergoing robotic radical cystectomy

Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols are patient pathways designed to reduce surgical stress and accelerate postoperative recovery. Uptake of such protocols in colorectal surgery in particular has been high, however ERAS protocols developed or utilised in urological surgery have...

Ejaculatory dysfunction: a review of current practice and guidelines

Introduction The ejaculatory process is paramount to procreation in nature. It is a complex orchestration of physiology that results in emission of the ejaculate into the posterior urethra followed by ejection of those fluids from the urethra and orgasm. The...
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