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Prostate cancer survivorship: a new path for uro-oncology

Over two million people in England have a diagnosis of cancer [1]. Of this figure, over 250,000 have been diagnosed with prostate cancer [2]. However, during the next decade, a rapid increase in the number of new cancer diagnoses, as...

RCR: Imaging in GU oncology - an update

A study day to provide a comprehensive update on imaging of gynaecological and urological malignancies for treatment planning and follow up. Established practice and future developments, including ovarian, endometrial and cervical cancer, the role of imaging in radiotherapy for GU...

Section of Oncology Annual Meeting 2018

By Emma Papworth, Urology ST5. This year’s annual BAUS Section of Oncology meeting took place in the historic city of York. The focus of the meeting was ‘Urological Pelvic Malignancies’, with an exciting programme encompassing a breadth of uro-oncological topics...

Oncology Convention

Immuno-Oncology Bootcamp for the Oncologist

CME Riverboat Conference

Canadian Uro-Oncology Summit (CUOS)

BAUS Section of Oncology Meeting 2019