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I suspect, years from now, we are going to look back at this time and understand how we lived through a moment in history that threatened the very fabric of our lives. Looking at images of empty streets across the world on the News drives home the seemingly surreal and, dare I say it, dystopian situation that we are currently in.

Some of you may be re-deployed, self-isolating, caring for the needs of family and friends or even suffering the symptoms of this virus right now. At present, it feels like the bunkers are being reinforced rather than occupied as we collectively seek to stem the tide of infection and brace ourselves for the biggest challenge that the NHS has ever faced. 


The Urology News ethos of sharing excellence in our speciality continues through these difficult times, and the team is continuing to work extremely hard from home. Whilst the virus has helped open a Pandora’s box of systemic fragilities in healthcare systems across the world and exposed our human vulnerability, it has also underlined the resilience, calm resolve, and unstinting selflessness which characterises the NHS that we are individually and collectively proud to be a part of.
Mr Jay Khastgir, Consultant Urological Surgeon & Senior Lecturer

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Jay Khastgir

Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend & Swansea University School of Medicine.

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